See your doctor over HIPAA-compliant video

TeleHealer is a healthcare platform that allows patients to visit doctors remotely through a private and secure audio/video call. The platform can collect patient vitals and record interactions. It gives an easy, convenient, and flexible option to get timely care at a lower cost to both the doctor and patient.


Telehealer is a simple telemedicine platform that allows physicians to connect with patients for routine appointments over secure video visit – and receive full reimbursement from most private payers. The Telehealer platform provides full support for patients, physicians, and staff.

With the Telehealer platform, doctors can provide care to their patients remotely with the aid of biometric peripheral devices that patients have pre-purchased. The doctor calls the patients at a scheduled time through the platform and the whole interaction gets recorded. If any prescriptions, lab, or radiology orders are required, they can also be placed.


Telehealer is secure and HIPAA-compliant

Capture Payments

Automatically capture patient payments (coming soon)

Better Documentation

Through video archives and speech-recognition transcription

Better Clinical Data

Collect patient vitals through peripheral devices


Better clinical data
Collects patient vitals through peripheral biometric devices
Better documentation
Video archives, speech recognition transcription, and eventually auto-scribe capabilities
Less liability vs. Emr alone
A video is worth a million words
Better reimbursement
Easier reporting & more patients seen
Blends into background
Less tech intense - Clinicians can be clinicians
No upfront costs
Pay as you go, lower overhead

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