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Telehealth can bring joy to your practice again

Give more access to patients while enjoying more free time

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100% HIPAA-compliant

Works on iOS, Android, and Web

Go “Live” in 24 hrs

Works alongside EMR

Offers RPM, CCM, and BHI


Better clinical data

Collects patient vitals through peripheral remote patient monitoring.

Better documentation

Video archives, speech recognition transcription, and eventually auto-scribe capabilities

Less liability vs. EMR alone

A video is worth a million words

Better care

More patients seen and more services offered such as RPM, CCM, and BHI

Blends into background

Less tech intense - Clinicians can be clinicians

No upfront costs

Pay as you go, better reimbursement


Pricing is per provider on a monthly usage basis. While audio/video calls to patients are priced at $3 per call, remote patient monitoring and behavioral health integration is set at $1 each per patient per month

Audio & Video Calls

$ 3 /Call


$ 1 /Patient

Per Month

>Volume Pricing

> 100 Calls or
> 100 Patients monitored
/ month

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Features Description
Real-time video calling As easy as facetiming from anywhere you are to a patient you know.
Measure patient vitals Get accurate patient data using peripheral remote patient monitoring devices and manually chart the results or automatically via integrations with Apple Health and Google Fit. Optionally, patients can make a one-time purchase from a list of remote patient monitoring here.
Encrypted and archived video of patient encounter Secure reviewable videos and patient data available anywhere, anytime.
Transcribed text of patient encounter Convenient summation of entire video call automatically done by voice recognition.
Scheduling Convenient and easy by portal, by phone or by message through the app.
Automated reminders Never miss your appointments and remind your patients to measure their vitals
Labs, Prescriptions, Specialist referrals, and Radiology orders Place orders form the convenience of the mobile app or your browser
Medical Assistant Medical Assistants can perform Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Behavioral Health Integration services.
HIPAA compliant Private and secure


No contracts. First three months are free. No hidden fees So, use as much as you want to get comfortable with the platform. After three months, you will pay as you go. There are no upfront costs.


Download the free app from the AppStore and register for an account. Once registered, our team will configure your account. From the time you receive an email confirming activation, you will have 90 days to try our platform at no cost. At the end of the trial period you will be charged based on your usage.There is no additional subscription fees


1. Download the app

Download the doctor app from the AppStore

2. Lookup your name

For ease of registration, lookup your name and practice information from a database of 1.6M providers

3. Register an account

Complete registration by providing license and liability information along with your phone and email address

4. Validate Credentials

Receive a call from our dedicated support team to validate your credentials and enable access to the app

5. Request Appointment

Once enabled, send or receive connection requests from your patients

6. Confirm Appointment

Receive requests for appointments from your patients via the platform or conventional methods of an EMR portal or staff at the front-desk

7. Communicate

Perform additional schedule coordination via messages or traditional means

8. Visit

Video call patients at the scheduled appointment window to discuss and evaluate patient condition

9. Review History

Review patient's uploaded docs, measure vitals, order prescriptions, place lab or radiology orders, and refer out to specialists as needed

10. Transcribe

Upon completion of the visit, review video of the entire encounter and print/attach the transcript to the patient's chart within your EHR of choice

11. Record Encounter

Review the recorded encouter, and input CPT or ICD codes into conventional billing system to payors


Certain payors will reimburse for tele-health services equal to office visits while others may not or have certain requirements.

Currently, there are 33 states that have parity laws that mandate private payer reimbursement for telemedicine services. To learn more, visit the American Telemedicine Association

You may also visit the Center for Connected Health Policy to learn more about patient and provider requirements that determine reimbursement. Additionally, they provide in-depth information on legislation for both public and private healthcare programs and is a fantastic resource for those looking to dive deep into individual state policy.

Private Pay

Parity laws allow for providers to be paid at the same rate irrespective of whether services are provided by telehealth or in-person. Parity laws are equalizing payments with traditional practice. Each provider must review their private payor contracts to determine what services are eligible for telehealth.

Footnote: A map of state parity law status around the country.


Medicare currently pays for telehealth services, but with a major asterisk. They are required to be provided only in rural or in provider shortage areas and must be provided at certain types of facilities. Medicare does allow telehealth services for CCM (chronic care management) and RPM (remote patient monitoring) to be paid for regardless of patient or provider location. And now they are also allowing demonstration projects for ESRD (end stage renal disease) patients to provide telehealth services irrespective of their location


Medicaid allows for all tele-health services in 49 states. Refer to the CCHP website for state-specific details

Capitated Pay

Telehealth is a very useful tool to decrease cost of care for capitated providers while still providing significant improvement for access to care of patients.

Self Pay

Direct pay providers may charge patients their own custom rates for concierge care.

Chronic care management Behavioral health integration Remote patient monitoring Total
Avg. Practice 100 pt. 30 pt. 100 pt. 230 Calls
MCR Pays $40 $48 $123 $211 per pt
PCP Earns $4,000 $1,440 $12,300 $17,740
Annually $48,000 * $17,280 $147,600 * $212,880 *

* Not counting initiation of service reimbursements

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • CPT code 99453 - $21 reimbursemenmt for one time for initiation / setup of assisting patients to start RPM.
  • CPT code 99454 - $69 monthly reimbursement for initiation / setup of patient data transmission.
  • CPT code 99457 - $54 monthly once reimbursement for 20 minutes of collection and interpretation of physiologic data ( Blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, weight, etc ) digitally stored and or transmitted by patient or caregiver.
  • Does not include data from hospital or clinical lab or radiology suite.
  • Improves performance on MACRAS QPP for clinical practice improvement activity and advancing care information performance categories. (10% bonus)
  • Not subject to Medicare patient location rules
  • Apple Health Integration
  • Google fit Integration
  • Med Devices
  • Alerts/Notification

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

  • CPT code 99484 - $48 reimbursement once monthly for 20 minutes of non face to face service
  • Patient must have a behavioral health condition such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorder, PTSD
  • Initial or follow up monitoring may include use of applicable validated rating scales
  • There must be continuity of care by same team member, no psych consult required
  • Not subject to Medicare patient location rules
  • Auto Scored Forms
  • Hi-Def Video

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Telehealer is a telehealth platform app which allows staff to connect with patients remotely through a private and secure video call. The app can collect patient vitals and record the interactions. It gives an easy, convenient and flexible option to get timely care for chronic conditions. The app allows practices to capture additional revenues and give better care

  • CPT code 99490 - $42 reimbursement once monthly for 20 minutes of non face to face service
  • CPT code G0506 - $64 one time reimbursement for helping to initiate CCM services face to face as an additional charge to regular visit
  • Patients with two or more chronic conditions which may lead to death and may last at least 12 months (like HTN, HD, DM, CHOL, etc)
  • Any clinical staff including certified MA my perform this service
  • Only PCP provider allowed to bill monthly
  • Billing PCP must create a plan of care initially and an agreement with current patient
  • Services performed may include lab order/review, radiology order/ review, Rx refill/review, preventative services order/ review, consultant referral/ note review, coordination of care with family or friends
  • Not subject to Medicare patient location rules
  • Rules Engine
  • Secure Messaging