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This is us

Driven to break the current mold of healthcare

What is our story?

We created this platform to address a very dire problem in healthcare due to excessive documentation requirements. Doctors are now burning out at a much earlier age and reimbursed less and less each year. There is decreasing levels of quality of care delivered due to increased needs of documentation and this subsequently leads to lesser access to doctors. We looked at the current solutions in this space and realized that they are not being used despite their great promises.

The main obstacles to their use from a patient's pespective is that the doctors are not familiar with their history and are unable to give the best diagnosis and results in low-touch care.

Doctors don't wish to adopt this technology in droves due to increased risk of liability and decreased familiarity with patients. In addition, they don't have enough data points to make an accurate diagnosis. To top it off, there's no decrease in documentation requirements.

The current medical environment is dovetailing into our platform approach by supporting services such as Remote patient monitoring, Chronic care management, and Behavioral health integration. The telehealth platform allows patients to visit doctors remotely through a private and secure audio/video call. The platform can also collect patient vitals and record interactions. It gives an easy, convenient, and flexible option to get timely care at a lower cost to both the doctor and patient.